Jivamukti Spring Retreat
What can I expect from the retreat?


 Daily yoga practice according to the method: āsana, meditation, pranayama,chanting of mantras and deep relaxation (yoga nidra)

– Asana lab – physical alignment workshop about the postures

Yoga Sutras and the study of Sanskrit

– Sound-healing journey with a special guest, Ângelo Surinde from Cosmic Gong

– Partial silence (after dinner and until the end of the first morning practice)

– Free time to integrate the knowledge experienced and explore the surroundings

Nutritious meals 100% plant-based

3 nights stay




About the venue

Located within the ecologic reserve between Tapada de Mafra and Ericeira, the retreat center was founded in 2002 by Miguel Carvalho e Silva. The goal of the project was to create a space that would host spiritual retreats and events.

The 4Ventos Center is a space carefully integrated in nature to promote the connection to the Earth and the spiritual development of the ones who visit it.

The retreat center can host 27 people, distributed between individual, double, triple, quadruple and dormitory rooms. The prices apply to all types of rooms (Center conditions). Upon registration you will be asked about your room preference (room distribution will be made by order of registration with no guarantee of your preference).

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APRIL 22-25


– Early bird: 415€ (until 22nd January included)

– Regular Price: 475€ (starting from 23rd January)

– Phased payment: 158,33€ (x3 phases on the retreat regular price)*

*Phased payment available until 22nd January
First Payment (until 22nd January): 158,33€
Second Payment (until 22nd February): 158,33€
Third Payment (until 22nd March): 158,33€

Maria Sousa Macedo

Jivamukti 800h Cert.

Lokah Samantha Sukhino Bhavantu

800 hour Certified Jivamukti teacher

Maria Sousa Macedo is the co-founder and director of Jivamukti Yoga Lisbon. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, her belief of an extended compassion, towards all Beings, led he to the Jivamukti Yoga path.

Maria believes in a regular and consistent practice as a means of perfecting her relationships with All of existence. Hence, she is dedicated to protect animal rights and the Earth – a message she tries t convey through her classes.

Her passion for music and years of study at the Lisbon Music Conservatorium drove her to integrate sound as a key component within her classes. Expect a dynamic, strong and rhythmic flow combined with ancient yogic teachings. These elements together will open space for transformation within one’s being.


The quieter you become, the more you can hear.

Ram Das

Favorite Asanas : Kapotasana A, Yoga Nidrasana, Karandavasana